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Ritz Bitz 

The Ritz Bitz Junior Actors is a summer theatre program for children entering first grade through 9th grade. The young actors and actresses who participate will get to take part in a Broadway musical adapted by theatrical publishing companies specifically for school ages actors. At the Ritz Playhouse, the young actors and actresses audition for parts in the Ritz Bitz productions presented each summer.


The summer program runs four to five weeks for each production. Rehearsals are scheduled during the day, Monday through Thursday. 
The Ritz Bitz program is not a specific drama class but the participants learn a tremendous amount of all aspects of theatre during the rehearsal process. Cast sizes vary depending on the show but we try involve as many children as possible in each production.

The Ritz Bitz Junior Actors productions have become an integral part of the summer program at the RITZ Playhouse. It has been great to watch the young actors and actresses grow as their poise, stage presence, self confidence and talent blossoms each year. We are all very proud when they ‘graduate’ to playing parts in the full company shows each summer.

If you have any questions about the Ritz Bitz summer program please feel free to e-mail us at

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