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The Ritz Company Playhouse has been performing live theatre productions since June 29, 1973. 

Our season opens open in July and runs into September. During this time we perform a musical, straight comedies, and a performance by our youngest theatre lovers, The Ritz Bitz.


We also perform a Christmas show during Hawley's Winterfest, and host a number of other events through out the year.

How It Started

On June 29th, 1973, Hawley's Ritz Company Playhouse, once a movie and vaudeville 
theatre, opened its curtains for the first time with the musical production "Brigadoon". 
Ever since then the Ritz Players, a group of volunteer community theatre enthusiasts, 
who have dedicated themselves to delivering good entertainment to the community, 
by offering LIVE theatre productions in the Hawley/Lake Wallenpaupack area. Their 
efforts have been successful and the theatre is now entered its thirty seventh year. 
With your continued support we hope to provide quality entertainment for many years 
to come.

The Ritz Players have become more then a theatre company, they have grown into a 
true family, bringing together people of all ages, all professions, interests, and 
backgrounds. Indeed, the audience too, is included in that family as season after 
season, faithful fans return to buy tickets and encourage the company's efforts 
through their applause.

Over the years a number of our performers have gone on to study theatre, dance, 
music, and film arts at colleges and dramatic schools. Many of them may yet find their 
fame in these professions.

While fostering local talent and entertaining residents and visitors, the Ritz Theatre 
has helped promote a number of different relationships within the community. The 
Ritz Theatre worked with a number of local organizations and businesses, such as 
Hawley's Women's Club, Wayne County Chamber of Commerce, The Settler's Inn, 
and Ehrhardt's Waterfront Restaurant to establish a number of different evening 
packages including  a train/theatre trip and dinner & theatre arrangements.

Other non-profit organizations have also been able to arrange fund raising events using the theatre events as well. Local, regional and national groups have helped 
broaden the Ritz program schedules to include musical concerts, barbershop quartets, Old Time Fiddlers, dance groups, ballet companies, college theatre companies 
and children's magic shows. Internationally known authors have also made presentations on the Ritz stage.

On May 8th, 1980 the Ritz Theatre was presented an award of excellence for tourist promotion. The award exemplifies excellence not only in serving the local community 
but also in providing a noteworthy tourist attraction for the Pocono Region. This recognition gave the theatre and its players a great boost to keep going. Additionally the 
theatre and some of its members have won Northeast Pennsylvania Theatre Association (NEPTA) awards for excellence in the performing arts over the past few years.

The business of the Ritz Players is run by a board of directors under the nonprofit corporation named Company Players, Inc. The Company Players, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 
(c) 3 corporation.

Board Officers:                                          Board Members:
Sarah Clauss, President                         Alison Hoffmann       
Caroline Lehman, Vice President          Debby Waldron
Sandy Gabrielson, Treasurer                Jessica Sutton
Molly Rodgers, Secretary                       Mark Zimmer

                                                                  Steve Faubel


Dick Murphy, Virginia Stabler , Florence Kreiger, Marjorie C. Murphy

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